Ottaviano Blitch

Ottaviano Blitch is an Anglo-Italian actor, director, singer and songwriter.
Far from wanting to fit into a specific label at all costs, this authentic and versatile artist likes to call himself “an actor who dances and a singer who acts.”
Ottaviano stars in several international productions in leading and co-leading roles and he’s also author and storyteller on his own night music radio show on air on Virgin Radio. Now a cult, his stories set in the desert perfectly re-create the ambiance of real life, transporting the audience into the rooms of the most popular motel in California titled “Virgin Motel”. In just over ten years this radio program has rightfully become part of the schedules, with due recognition from both the public and critics as the best rock program ever.

Blitch has also a successful career as a celebrity producer-DJ in the most exclusive parties in the world as well as in cities considered the top in terms of style and entertainment such as London, Ibiza, Paris and New York. He is the composer of several tracks as well as songs composed exclusively for fashion shows. In fact Blitch offers a dry and full-sounding electro-glam & rock British style, along with an incredible stage presence that reflects his streak of showmanship, exciting, immediate and spontaneous.
Constant as well as rigorous and remarkable physical training and a multi-faceted acting mask, Blitch is an extraordinarily talented proper artist, with a consolidated body expression and an acting style that is truly international. Fellini’s and Claudia Cardinale’s photographer, Fiorenzo Niccoli, immortalizes him in his “Timeless Portraits”, capturing a huge variety of nuances, ranging from the tragicomedy of farce to the intensity of drama”.